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alertR: Version 0.300 Released

alertR is a project of mine which I started in August 2014. It is an unified alerting system which is based on a client/server model. The main part is written in Python and is published as Free-Software. If you do not know this project yet, here are some interesting links:

* Github repository
* Github wiki for documentations
* Blog article: Introducing alertR: Open-Source alerting system (with video)
* Blog article: alertR: dbus and xbmc notification client (with video)
* Blog article: alertR: rule engine (with video)

What is new?

The alerting system can now distinguish between "triggered" and "normal" state sensor alerts. A "triggered" sensor alert happens, when the triggered state of the sensor is reached (for example a door is opened). The "normal" sensor alert happens (if configured to be considered), when the sensor goes back to the normal state (for example if the opened door is closed again).

The Mobile Manager was split into "alertR Web Mobile Manager" and "alertR Manger Client Database". The idea of the database manager is that it can be used to provide the data of the alerting system to other "not alertR" components. The database is the shared medium that have to be read by the components (for example a web page or an IRC bot) to get the information. In order to have a way for the components to communicate with the alerting system, the database manager has a local UNIX socket server. Additionally, the database manager is now able to store events in the database as an event log. Furthermore, the database manager can check the versions of all alertR clients against the available versions in the online repository.

Last but not least, an alertR survey was added to the alertR server. The server can now participate in this survey and will send information about the used versions, instances, and if the online update is activated or not once a week to the survey server. The participation in this survey is optional and can be completely disabled in the configuration file of the server. The survey was added to the alertR system, because of the install and update mechanism that uses the Github repository. The way these mechanisms work, no data can be derived of the used instances or whether alertR is used after all.

Mobile Web Page

The mobile web page was completely rewritten for the new version. It is now able to show all information about the alerting system that is available. Also, because the alertR Manger Client Database can store an event log of events happening in the alert system, the mobile web page can display you an event log. The following shows a screenshot of the overview site of the mobile web page:


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